Paris in 12 hrs

Alicia turned 30 in April and I was stressing as to what to get her. She’s so particular with clothes and jewellery, and quite frankly, has enough of it. So I happened to see a Eurostar banner ad while online in March, checked out the ticket prices and booked then and there – £100 return each! Winning.

Admittedly couple of hours in Paris is not nearly enough time to explore the city but we managed to do a lot. Starting out at Gard Du Nord we quickly figured it was not an area we wanted to be around. We managed to find our way up to Montmartre – the church right at the top of the city. After batting away 100’s of self confessed artists who wanted to draw us we sat at what must have been the MOST expensive restaurant in history. Granted we were in a hot tourist area, but £8 for a beer – please.

After that jumped into a big black #UBER (They exist now in Paris) and headed to Champs Elysee. Managed to survive the drive around the Arc de Triomphe (hectic) and find a place for steak en frites. Following lunch quickly walked over the the Eiffel. Managed to find a grassy patch underneath the tower in the Parc du Champ De Mars to open a bottle of Moët and down it out of stolen plastic cups (drinking in this area is illegal, but Parisians don’t seem to abide by many laws..).

Last on the whirlwind was a bit of bar hopping. We managed to get #UBER number 2 to get us to an area full of quaint Parisian street cafés and bars – found through the use of Dojo. Travels BEST guide to local hangouts (Read up and download it here for your next trip). We managed to get rather liquored, purchase some French champagne (we were in Paris after all) and get back to Gard du Nor in time to hop onto the Eurostar back to Kings Cross.

A short and sweet recce on who what where in Paris. It was super GLAM and fairy cheap (seeing as we didn’t stay over the night) and we were in bed by 10pm (LDN time)! However, if you gonna do Paris in a day, lay out a route for yourself – know where you want to go. Take an UBER (quick and cheaper than LDN) and take a jacket – whether is iffier than here.



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