MW5 Bootcamp

So this is the second non gym gym that we are trying out. I bought 10 sessions from a TimeOut deal for £29 – which for this is a win as they usually like £20 p/session (#basic). The offer is over, but TimeOut always has something going – check out the site here.

So off we went on Saturday morning to Kings Cross. We arrived and met Martin who is the PT that takes the class. He was great and super friendly, welcoming us to the class and explaining an overview of what it would entail.

The corse is exactly as you would imagine – 10 stages, 3 stages. It is really brilliant. Warm up for 10 mins and a great work out over the obstacles below for the remainder of the 45 mins. The course isn’t super tough so if you haven’t exercised in a while you will survive. You can push yourself as much as you want to break a sweat – which is the point anyway isn’t it? Summer bod babez.

Martin was super attentive and engaged with everyone, making sure technique was spot on to avoid injury. Even with such a big class he managed to keep everyone jumping and pushing and with it through all three stages!

See you bitshezzzz there on Saturday!

image2 (1)

And did I mention that this is at the back of the newly revamped area of Kings Cross station. After the work out there are a whole bunch of awesome places all over the area for brunch (to undo all the good you just did). We managed to find a spot in The Lighterman. Beautiful venue, beautiful food, and beautiful barman!


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