Psycle London

So here at the #belessbasic offices we have decided to take it upon ourselves to inform the general public on what we think of all these new boutique gym fades that have popped up all over London.

Firstly we tried out Psycle. We’ve all done a spinning class before at the gym. Loud music, instructors shouting UP, DOWN, HARDER, FASTER. Well, this is the same, but different.

Awesome strobe lights, neons flashing and hard music and your very own cleats! The instructor that took us for out class was awesome. She had an incredible amount of energy and the most amazing long blond braids that she was throwing around the room. She was upbeat and completely engaging with the class. It was her job to make us work on those bikes, and she did it well. You choose weights in the beginning of the class (make sure you are not too optimistic here) which she incorporated brilliantly in the work out. Her cycle rhythms followed those of the music she was playing superbly – it was your job to keep up with what she was doing and when she was doing it.

The classes are usually 45mins (there is a 60min one… crises) and after you are drenched. The room is underground and with 30 heaving bodies in a dark cave it does turn into somewhat of a sauna. Not to worry. the changing rooms are 5 star. Only the best products in the showers, clean towels and decent water pressure (a big thing for me!).

All in all, great experience, awesome set up and staff that know what they doing. I did find the ‘Energy Kitchen’ to be taking the piss with £6 a smoothie. That’s #basic.

Having said that, I think I still wouldn’t part with £20 a class. If it was £15 I would consider it. Especially seeing as my local gym is now doing something similar, without the weights. But definitely go for their intro offer of 2 sessions for £20. Take a mate – its a hoot!



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