Imagine a world with no basic people, where everything worked towards improving everyone’s life. Everyone was good looking and dressed well, and always washed, didn’t stop at the top of escalators or ask about something they could quite easily have Googled. Like a non-basic person. People smiled and were polite and responded to requests with please and thank you.

Well, that’s not reality. People are ultimately so bloody basic.

Queue Be Less Basic.  We thought we would help the world by posting various daily activities that we think may help to improve people and their lifestyles. We might occasionally have a mini rant about ‘basics’ and impart tips on  exactly how to avoid being ‘that basic bitch’.  Whether it is through some simple recipes, a great work out or somewhere we’ve been and suggest going, an activity or an interesting book that is going to enhance your life. We just want to help (at least one person) #belessbasic, because let’s face it the world could really do without them.

Welcome to our world and the things we live for!